Grant Writing Workshop 

We’re more than a bunch of experts. We’re a family of like-minded people, using our passion and our skills to make a difference. This workshop gives you a comprehensive, concentrated introduction to the field, sets you on the right track, and helps you steer clear of the most common grant proposal pitfalls. 

Access GrantED Training

Do you want to learn how to gain access to grant databases? Let us EDUCATE your organization on how to gain ACCESS to grants. We can design an on-site ACCESS GrantED training class to meet your organization's needs. 

Non Profit 101

We all have a passion. This is mine! From an early age, I decided to master my craft. And I’ve been learning ever since. You and others in your community see a problem that needs to be solved or an opportunity to make things better. You’ve been helping your community and see opportunities to do more. It will require funding to take your work to the next level. You know it will be a lot of work, but you courageously step forward to make a difference. Let us teach you do's and do not's of a nonprofit. 

“Whether it's better ways to facilitate a board meeting, manage a budget, or strategically plan the organization’s future, I believe I am better equipped to help increase a nonprofit’s impact through lessons learned from being an Executive Director, Board member, and Volunteer” 

DNA360 Consulting- Principal Consultant